Look Who’s Back

David Wnendt

Nearly seventy years after his inglorious death, Adolf Hitler wakes up in today’s Berlin. The first evaluation of his new situation is not very pleasing. The war has ended, and what is more with a defeat, his political party doesn’t exist anymore and he misses his beloved Eva Braun. Hitler hardly recognizes “his” city. Berlin is full of foreigners and Germany is ruled by some woman called Angela Merkel. Soon after the initial shock Hitler adapts and thanks to television he starts a new career in the unknown world. Not as a leader of the nation but a comic actor because everybody mistakes him for a hilarious impersonator of himself.

DE, 2015; 110 min.; de / cz tit


David Wnendt


David Wnendt, Mizzi Meyer


Hanno Lentz


Andreas Wodraschke


Enis Rotthoff


Oliver Masucci, Fabian Busch, Christoph Maria Herbst, Katja Riemann, Franziska Wulf


CinemArt SK