Lady Bird

18-year-old Christine feels that she hasn’t experienced anything so far. That she’s dying alive. That she chokes at school as well as under the controlling eye of her mother who knows everything the best. As the most of her peers, Christine decides to change her life radically but ignores the fact that it might hurt. The comedy Lady Bird by actor and debuting director Greta Gerwig is an extraordinary film about an ordinary coming of age.

Lady Bird

US, 2017; 94 min.; en / cz tit, Žáner:

Réžia: Greta Gerwig

Scenár: Greta Gerwig | Kamera: Sam Levy | Strih: Nick Houy | Hudba: Jon Brion | Hrajú: Saoirse Ronan, Laurie Metcalf, Tracy Letts, Lucas Hedges, Timothée Chalamet


  • Sobota 15. 9.
  • 21:00
  • Bažant Kinematograf

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