Childhood is a feature-length film about children and how they play on their own terms. An observational documentary that follows the children in Aurora Kindergarten throughout a year. These are children from one to seven years old. It is a quiet and close, life-affirming film, at the same time it will be deeply provocative because it draws up a whole different perspective on what children truly need than what is the current norm.


NO/SE, 2017; 90 min.; no / en sub / sk tit, Žáner:

Réžia: Margreth Olin

Scenár: Margreth Olin | Kamera: Øystein Mamen | Strih: Helge Billing, Michal Leszczylowski | Hudba: Rebekka Karijord |


  • štvrtok 13. 9.
  • 14:00
  • Cinema Club

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