Cult & Beyond: Els crits de la por

Els crits de la por. Screams of the fear. “Fear is a physical defence system. We feel fear in order to activate a survival mechanism. In the past it used to work but now it’s rarely necessary. That’s why we love being told these stories playfully. We activate an atrophied sensation,” said Jaume Balagueró, a renowned Catalan horror filmmaker, in an interview for CATALAN! FILMS eMAGAZINE. We naturally scream when facing fear and the midnight section presents you with its various faces. Poverty-stricken kids in a war-ravaged rural Catalonia eating Black Bread live in fear of Pitorliua, the ghost from the dark past. A fear of complete loss of privacy gets even worse while we Sleep Tight, unaware of the fact that our privacy has already been violated. But when uncontrollable fear breaks out in an ordinary Barcelona apartment building, the apocalypse is looming and the right time to activate our survival mechanism has finally come. Fight the real fear or just stand there screaming and turn into one of REC’s (un)dead. And when the world collapses and abandoned streets are covered with overgrown foliage, there is nothing left but fear of the future. The fear of The Last Days.