Town of Piešťany

Piešťany is an ideal space to host an international film festival. This lovely spa town offers: good infrastructure, reconstructed cinemas, a central park, numerous lovely cafés, and restaurants. Piešťany seems to be tailor made for a film festival where between screenings you can relax by simply sitting under a tree in the park and recharge your batteries for further „intelectually demanding“, hours spent at the cinemas.

A few more reasons why Piešťany:

  • two modern cinemas with quality screening and sound equipment and without-barriers access
  • video screening room
  • total capacity of 900 seats
  • situated 85 km from the capital of Slovakia, Bratislava via direct motorway connection
  • wide range of nice cafés, restaurants and accommodation facilities ranging from the most luxurious hotels to pensions offering services at modest prices
  • spaces for an accreditation centre, guest service etc. fully meet demands put upon an international film festival