Nero and Seneca

Marek Ťapák

The television adaptation of the drama Theater in the Time of Nero and Seneca by Russian playwright and prose writer Edvard Radzinsky describes the meeting of the most bloodthirsty emperor Nero and the stoic philosopher Seneca during one hot night in a Roman arena. A long conversation, which is in reality only a deliberate delay of Seneca’s execution, will end in a tense polemic about the relationship of man to God, to power and to another person. At the dusk of the ancient Rome and the dawn of the Christian Europe, the chamber drama examines the fundamental values of our civilization in the borderline, transitional periods of time when we are forced to ask ourselves again the most basic questions.

SK, 2019, 80 min.; sk / en sub


Marek Ťapák


Zuzana Šajgalíková, Marek Ťapák


Peter Bencsik


Matej Beneš


Ľubica Čekovská


Richard Autner, Vladimír Jedľovský, Marta Maťová, Peter Šimun, Martin Horňák, René Schleifer


Rozhlas a televízia Slovenska