Holidaymakers | Alica Kucharovič

Wednesday 15. 09. 19:00


The illustrations at this exhibition were created during Alica Kucharovič’s travels around the Indonesian island of Bali. During the travels, the author created visual diary records, taking notice of and recording her surroundings. Among the illustrations we can also find ones that capture the local color and common scenes. She also puts herself in the position of a tourist who is amazed, sometimes amused by local traditions and the lives of the locals. But what amazes her even more is the behavior of other tourists. The tourist gaze of Alica Kucharovič is therefore different from those that one expects to see on photographs or postcards from Bali.
It is critical and ironic and it also shows us the darker sides of tourism and its impact on the country—how it transforms local life and affects the environment. Thus, tourism is not only associated with positive effects, and the negative ones have recently become increasingly talked about. Therefore, the exhibition does not aim to persuade people to stop traveling. The intention is rather to inspire visitors to reassess their own travel habits and to increase respect for the locals and nature.

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