DJ Bobsan

Marek Bohunický is an architect, a producer, a remixer and an experienced party DJ who doesn’t hide his enthusiasm for dance, electronic music. For more than 20 years, he has been entertaining people at parties with eclectic sets that create the right atmosphere. Bobsan chooses from the current intelligent electronic music, he plays a lot of vocal tracks and occasionally surprises with classics that everyone knows. At the end of 2019, he released his first album 40×20, which moves between the dance floor music genre and music that is pleasant for listening. Singles Rinccali, Another Night and To See Ninja are still being broadcast on Radio_FM. In 2020, Bobsan releases several collaborations. Kaytranada style “Oh Babe” that was created with Dephzac, drum’n’bass roller Sentience with Urbandrama and epic techno track The Bpm Bible with Analogrunner. Other names that he is already working with on new songs are Tasun and Filta.