The Cremator

Juraj Herz

Mr. Kopfrkingl works in a crematorium, is married and has two children. He takes an excellent care of his family and fulfills his duties at work very conscientiously. One of his acquaintances, Walter Reinke, is very enthusiastic about the annexation of Austria into the Greater Germanic Reich. He persuades Kopfrkingl that he has pure Aryan blood in his veins. Kopfrkingl joins the Party and gradually obtains a perverse belief about saving the world against the Jewish threat. His colleagues, friends and family need to be saved but they don’t need to worry – nobody is going to suffer and he will save them all.

NFA statni_fond_kinematografie

CS, 1968; 97 min.; cz / en sub


Juraj Herz


Ladislav Fuks, Juraj Herz


Stanislav Milota


Jaromír Janáček


Zdeněk Liška


Rudolf Hrušínský, Vlasta Chramostová, Jana Stehnová, Miloš Vognič, Ilja Prachař


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