Student Films – AKU


This Is Where I Am Slovak

Tu som Slovákom; SK, 2018, 19 min.; sk / en sub
Director: Matúš Chovanec

The movie depicts life of Slovaks in Romania. It captures everyday situations of three respondents which are mainly filled with manual work.


(In)Visible Worlds

(Ne)viditeľné svety; SK, 2018, 21 min.; sk / en sub
Director: Zuzana Hudáčeková

By watching three women working as home-care nurses in different European countries, we are getting a picture of life abroad in contrast to life in Slovakia.


Hráč; SK, 2018, 25 min., sk / en sub
Director: Matúš Men

The documentary Gamer examines both professional and personal life of an electronic sports player, his everyday routine, and his mother’s perception of the situation before and after he stared to be successful.



eL; SK, 2018, 19 min.; sk / en sub
Réžia/Director: Sonia Gallo

The documentary eL tells a story of an (extra)ordinary woman who struggles to find the real essence of her existence and at the same time true love. Together with the protagonist, we enter the world of homosexual relationships and find out they are not that different from heterosexual ones.

SK, 2018; 84 min.; sk / en sub




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