Joachim Trier: Shorts


Pietà; NO/GB, 1999, 16 min., en / sk tit
Director: Joachim Trier

The film presents sketches of a young man’s memory and denial in relation to his dead friend and his mother.



Procter; NO/GB, 2002, 18 min.; en / sk tit
Director: Joachim Trier

When Charles Procter witnesses a stranger burn to death, he doesn’t expect to become part of the gruesome event. Then he discovers a video camera has captured him at the scene. What he discovers on the tape is more disturbing than the stranger’s death.



Still; NO/GB, 2000, 20 min.; en / sk tit
Réžia/Director: Joachim Trier

An old man collapses and dies in a park. A glance at his watch triggers an associative stream of images.

Pietà, Procter, Still

1999-2002; 54 min.; en / sk tit, Žáner:

Réžia: Joachim Trier


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