Early Man

Nick Park

Dug is a typical plucky hero living in the relatively peaceful Stone Age. But now together with his four-legged friend he must save his tribe and his beloved home from a grave threat. The Bronze Age headed by a wicked lord has invaded their land. By coincidence, Dug finds himself in the middle of the enemy area where he tries to ensure the future of his tribe by putting all his eggs in one basket – a strange game in which two equally large groups of warriors try to kick a leather ball. Dug’s only chance to succeed is to teach himself and other ten really clumsy cave men to play football and then win a match against the top representation team Real Bronzio.

GB/FR, 2018; 88 min.; sk dab


Nick Park


Mark Burton, James Higginson


Dave Alex Riddett


Sim Evan-Jones


Harry Gregson-Williams, Tom Howe


Daniel Fischer, Kristína Svarinská, Ivan Romančík, Miloslav Kráľ, Marcel Ochranek


CinemArt SK