An Extra Something

One more chromosome in DNA and everything is so different. Dorotka was born with Down syndrome, her parents had refused the possibility to get rid of the fetus. Today she’s a teenager having her dreams and wishes as any other person of her age. But most of all she would like to become an actress… The story presents unique situations unveiling life of a young person with Down Syndrome in an authentic way. The film crushes myths and prejudices about the syndrome and serves as testimony that these people do have something extra.

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SK, 2018; 67 min.; sk , Žáner:

Réžia: Palo Kadlečík, Martin Šenc

Scenár: Palo Kadlečík, Martin Šenc | Kamera: Palo Kadlečík, Jaromír Ferianc | Strih: Juraj Ondruš, Palo Kadlečík | Hudba: Ľubica Čekovská |

Sekcia: Cinematik.doc


  • Sobota 15. 9.
  • 17:00
  • Fontana Cinema

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