Saturday 18. 09.

  • Saturday 18. 09. 10:00

    Fontána Cinema

    The Lost Prince

    Le prince oublié

    FR, 2020, 102 min.; sk

    Director: Michel Hazanavicius

    Everything in Djibi’s life revolves around his beloved seven-year-old daughter Sofia. The devoted single dad is never late for her nightly story time. Every night when Sofia falls asleep, he takes her to “Storyland”, a fictional movie studio where the…

  • Saturday 18. 09. 11:00

    House of Arts

    Vera Dreams of the Sea

    Vera andrron detin

    XK/MK/AL, 2021, 85 min.; sq / sk tit

    Director: Kaltrina Krasniqi

    The story of Vera, a middle-aged sign language interpreter whose life is disrupted by the death of her husband. In the aftermath, she must come to terms with the harsh realities and courageously confront deeply ingrained gender stereotypes.

  • Saturday 18. 09. 11:00

    Cinema Club

    Low Definition Control – Malfunctions #0

    Low Definition Control – Malfunctions #0

    AT, 2011, 95 min.; de, en / en sub / sk tit

    Director: Michael Palm

    Michael Palm’s documentary essay raises a number of questions related to life in a society that always watches and surveils. While we are watching images (as though) from security cameras, experts from neurologists to media philosophers are contemplating surveillance, data,…

  • Gunda


    NO/US/GB, 2020, 93 min.; en / cz tit

    Director: Viktor Kossakovsky

    Experiential cinema in its purest form, Gunda chronicles the unfiltered lives of a mother pig, a flock of chickens, and a herd of cows with masterful intimacy. Using stark, transcendent black and white cinematography and the farm’s ambient soundtrack, the…

  • Saturday 18. 09. 14:00

    Fontána Cinema

    The Sailor

    The Sailor

    SK, 2021, 79 min.; en / sk tit

    Director: Lucia Kašová

    Sailor Paul Johnson sailed the world all his life. He lived wildly, got drunk, made love and never settled on land. Now he is eighty and neither he nor his ship are fit to set sail anymore. While he drinks…

  • Saturday 18. 09. 14:00

    Cinema Club



    HU, 2017, 93 min.; hu / sk tit

    Director: Ferenc Török

    On a sweltering August day in 1945, villagers prepare for the wedding of the town clerk’s son. Meanwhile, two Orthodox Jews arrive at the village train station with mysterious boxes. The town clerk fears the men may be heirs of…

  • Saturday 18. 09. 17:00

    Fontána Cinema

    At Full Throttle

    Láska pod kapotou

    SK/CZ, 2021, 85 min.; cz

    Director: Miro Remo

    A determined man in his fifties, Jaroslav, has two passions in life. Fast cars and his school love Jitka, who after his failed marriage gave him hope and desire to move on. Jitka, the most senior autocross driver in the…

  • Saturday 18. 09. 17:00

    Cinema Club

    The Impossible Voyage

    Cesta do nemožna

    SK/CZ, 2019, 90 min.; sk

    Director: Noro Držiak

    The Impossible Voyage is a special effects film depicting the life story of one of the greatest Slovak personalities of European importance, M. R. Štefánik. With only a slight exaggeration, we could call the film a documentary as if made…

  • Saturday 18. 09. 17:00

    House of Arts



    EG/NL/GR/FR, 2021, 112 min.; ar / cz tit

    Director: Omar El Zohairy

    An Egyptian poor family is forced to come to self-discovery after something very mysterious and strange happens during a child’s birthday party. A film about a strong female protagonist in a distinctly patriarchal world.

  • Saturday 18. 09. 19:00


    Persian Lessons

    Uroki farsi

    BY/DE/RU, 2020, 123 min.; de, fr, fa / cz tit

    Director: Vadim Perelman

    Occupied France, 1942. Gilles is arrested by SS soldiers along with other Jews and taken to a camp in Germany. He narrowly escapes execution by swearing that he is not Jewish but Persian.

  • DAU. Natasha

    DAU. Natasha

    DE/UA/GB/RU, 2020, 146 min.; ru, en / sk tit

    Director: Ilja Chržanovskij, Jekaterina Oertel

    Natasha runs the canteen at a secret Soviet research institute. Everyone drops in here: the institute’s employees, scientists and visiting foreign guests. By day she serves food, by night she attends wild parties that know neither class distinction nor cadre.

  • Saturday 18. 09. 20:00

    Cinema Club



    US, 2014, 84 min.; en

    Director: Lyric R. Cabral, David Felix Sutcliffe

    The documentary thriller follows a secret FBI informant during an operation—his job is to get close to a man who has been identified as a potential terrorist. This informant speaks openly about his work, we see his procedures step by…

  • Riders of Justice

    Retfærdighedens Ryttere

    DK, 2020, 111 min.; da / cz tit

    Director: Anders Thomas Jensen

    Soldier Markus goes home to his teenage daughter, Mathilde, when his wife dies in a tragic train accident. It seems like an accident until a mathematics geek Otto and his two eccentric colleagues Lennart and Emmenthaler show up.

  • Beneath


    US, 2013, 90 min.; en / sk tit

    Director: Larry Fessenden

    Six classmates choose to camp by the lake to celebrate the graduation—the beginning of a new life. The lake is emblazoned with legends about a carnivorous fish. Its very first attack reveals the true characters of the protagonists, exposes the…

  • Saturday 18. 09. 23:00

    House of Arts

    The Green Knight

    The Green Knight

    US/IE/CA/GB, 2021, 125 min.; en / cz tit

    Director: David Lowery

    This story begins in a time when honour was above all and courage made kings. The valiant but willful Knight of the Round Table Sir Gawain, nephew of King Arthur, embarks on a daring journey, at the end of which…

  • Wednesday 01. 09. 20:00

    Open Air Cinema

    Tata Bojs

    Concert / Entry 20 € (gate)

    Tata Bojs is an alternative music group from Prague, the Czech Republic. It was formed in 1988 and has already won several Golden Angel Awards. Mardoša and Milan Cais are the founding members and the other permanent members of the…

  • Friday 17. 09. 09:00

    House of Arts

    ArchitecTOUR Dom umenia

    Guided Tour DU

    Dom umenia (the House of Arts), where the main program of the Cinematik Festival takes place, is an exceptionally well-preserved monument of modern architecture. We invite you to a tour of this brutalist structure by Ferdinand Milučký with the commentary…

  • Saturday 18. 09. 10:00


    ASK Masterclass – Camera Work in Documentary Film

    Host Miro Remo

    The topic of ASK_Masterclass, which we organize at the Cinematik IFF in Piešťany, will be camerawork in documentary film and will be led by director and cinematographer Miro Remo. First, we will theoretically analyze a scene from the movie At…

  • Dear Comrades!

    Dorogije tovarišči

    RU, 2020, 120 min.; ru / cz tit

    Director: Andrej Končalovskij

    USSR, Novocherkassk, 1962. Lyudmila is a member of the local Communist Party. She is a staunch upholder of the Communist regime and ideals and despises any form of dissent. During a labour strike at the local electromotive factory, she witnesses…

  • Saturday 18. 09. 22:30

    Cinematik Bar

    Bad Mojo a Michael Priest

    Dj set

    Bad Mojo and Michael Priest are a pair of DJs from Bratislava who founded the Hochspannung party! In more than ten years in action, they have brought to Slovakia names such as Objekt, CEM, Nathan Micay, Stenny, Pearson Sound and…