Monday 14. 09.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 09:15

    House of Arts

    ArchitecTOUR (Saturday)


    Tour Did you know that Dom umenia (the House of Arts), where the main program of the Cinematik Festival takes place, is one of the pearls of the world architecture? We invite you to a tour of this brutalist structure…

  • Saturday 14. 09. 10:00

    Fontana Cinema

    My Grandpa Is an Alien

    Moj dida je pao s Marsa

    HR/LU/NO/CZ/SI/SK/BA, 2019, 75 min.; sk dab

    Director: Dražen Žarković, Marina Andree Škop

    In a single moment, the entire life of a girl Una is turned upside down; her grandpa is abducted by aliens and her mum collapses and ends up in a hospital.

  • The Souvenir

    The Souvenir

    GB/US, 2019, 119 min.; en / sk tit

    Director: Joanna Hogg

    A young, quietly ambitious film student embarks on her first serious love affair with a charismatic and mysterious man.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 11:00

    Cinema Club



    SK, 2018, 12 min.; sk / en sub

    Director: Peter Hoferica

    "He can’t go here, because I am here.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 11:00

    Cinema Club

    The Gleam of Delicate Irony

    Svit nežnej irónie

    SK, 2019, 8 min.; sk / en sub

    Director: Kristián Grupač

    Michal Babička—an old bachelor—is sitting by his table, drinking coffee and doing his usual routine—cutting out new paper piglets for his collection.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 11:00

    Cinema Club



    SK, 2018, 4 min.; sk / en sub

    Director: Tereza Dodoková

    A story about disappearing past and vivid dream of an unknown woman.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 11:00

    Cinema Club

    Poetika Anima

    Poetika Anima

    SK, 2018, 5 min.; sk / en sub

    Director: Kriss Sagan

    Poetika Anima is a non-narrative animated film based on a lyrical poem created by the synthesis of director’s diary notes.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 11:00

    Cinema Club

    Therapy by Travelling

    Terapia cestou

    SK, 2018, 36 min.; sk / en sub

    Director: Michal Baránek

    The documentary is a personal story of young Michal about his mental illness.

  • At Eternity’s Gate

    At Eternity’s Gate

    US/GB/FR/IE/CH, 2018, 110 min.; en, fr / sk tit

    Director: Julian Schnabel

    To escape the lacklustre light of the north, Vincent van Gogh settles in the Mediterranean Arles in 1888, where he embarks on the most creative phase of his work.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 14:00

    House of Arts



    RU, 2018, 98 min.; ru / en sub / sk tit

    Director: Alexander Gorchilin

    Acid is an ode to youth—a film about 20-year-olds who are entering the real world for the first time.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 14:00

    Cinema Club



    SK, 2019, 16 min.; sk / en sub

    Director: Dagmar Ponechalová

    This documentary film is a portrait of Ján Cíger who lives in his own fairy tale.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 14:00

    Cinema Club

    Our Daily Dance

    Tanec náš každodenný

    SK, 2019, 28 min.; sk / en sub

    Director: Matúš Druga

    The documentary tri-portrait captures the life of a professional dancer at different stages of life.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 14:00

    Cinema Club

    Back Home

    Návrat domov

    SK, 2019, 24 min.; sk

    Director: Michal Lačný

    The documentary film Back Home presents to the viewers the life of an Assyrian Christian family that survived an attack of the terrorist organization ISIS. This family was forced to run away and the film depicts their return back home.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 17:00

    Cinema Club

    Block A 10

    Block A 10

    GB, 2019, 7 min.; en / sk tit

    Director: Mario Manas

    A man tries to find a way out after he wakes up trapped between four empty walls under mysterious circumstances.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 17:00

    Cinema Club



    SK, 2019, 27 min.; sk / en sub

    Director: Gregor Valentovič

    They are friends for life, an inseparable quartet.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 17:00

    Cinema Club

    Pura Vida

    Pura Vida

    SK, 2018, 30 min.; sk / en sub

    Director: Martin Gonda

    Financial crisis enters the households of a provincial town and people start to lose their jobs.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 17:00

    House of Arts

    The Whistlers

    La Gomera

    RO/FR/DE/SE, 2019, 97 min.; ro / cz tit

    Director: Corneliu Porumboiu

    A corrupt police officer from Bucharest falls in love with Gilda, who asks him to free a drug dealer Zsolt—in fact, her boyfriend—from prison.

  • African Mirror

    African Mirror

    CH, 2019, 84 min.; de, fr / en sub / sk tit

    Director: Mischa Hedinger

    For decades, Swiss filmmaker and traveller René Gardi popularized an image of Africa as a pre-modern place filled with beautiful “savages”. Of course, it is idealized, colonial and racist image.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 17:00

    Spa Cinema

    Mary Queen of Scots

    Mary Queen of Scots

    US/GB, 2018, 124 min.; en / cz tit

    Director: Josie Rourke

    She was only six days old when her father died and she became Queen of Scotland.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 19:00


    Nero and Seneca

    Nero a Seneca

    SK, 2019, 80 min.; sk / en sub

    Director: Marek Ťapák

    The television adaptation of the drama Theater in the Time of Nero and Seneca by Russian playwright and prose writer Edvard Radzinsky describes the meeting of the most bloodthirsty emperor Nero and the stoic philosopher Seneca during one hot night in a Roman arena.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 19:00

    Cinematik Bar



    An energetic film soundtrack—that is what every live performance of the group FeelMe could be called. The group currently consists of: Petter Bittner (drums), Matúš Moško (guitar), Barbora Comendant (bass). The band that plays instrumental crossover has been known for…

  • The Ornithologist

    O Ornitólogo

    PT/FR/BR, 2016, 118 min.; pt, en, mand / en sub / cz tit

    Director: João Pedro Rodrigues

    This film freely inspired by the life of Saint Anthony of Padua connects mysticism and homoerotics.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 20:00

    House of Arts



    KR, 2019, 132 min.; kr / cz tit

    Director: Joon Ho Bong

    This black comedy follows a poor, but cunning family of four that decides to infiltrate a rich family of the businessman Mr. Park.

  • MS Slavic 7

    MS Slavic 7

    CA, 2019, 64 min.; en, pl / en sub / sk tit

    Director: Sofia Bohdanowicz, Deragh Campbell

    Blending family history with fiction, this fascinating film follows a young woman Audrey and her effort to make sense of poems written by her great-grandmother Zofia Bohdanowiczowa.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 20:00

    Spa Cinema

    Going in Style

    Going in Style

    US, 2017, 97 min.; en / cz tit

    Director: Zach Braff

    It is never too late to settle a score.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 20:30

    Bažant Kinematograf



    US, 2019, 147 min.; en / cz tit

    Director: Ari Aster

    Dani and Christian are a young American couple with a relationship on the brink of falling apart.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 22:00

    Fontana Cinema


    Masterclass with João Pedro Rodrigues

    After The Ornithologist screening in Fontána cinema, there will be a masterclass with João Pedro Rodrigues, the director of the movie. The masterclass will start in the cinema right after the movie screening.

  • Suspiria


    IT, 1977, 92 min.; en / sk tit

    Director: Dario Argento

    Suzy Bannion, a young American, arrives in Germany to study at a prestigious ballet school.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 23:00

    House of Arts

    Portrait of a Lady on Fire

    Portrait de la jeune fille en feu

    FR, 2019, 119 min.; fr / en sub / sk tit

    Director: Céline Sciamma

    Brittany, 1760. A talented painter Marianne is commissioned to leave to a manor house on an isolated island and do a wedding portrait of Héloise—a young woman from a rich family who has just left the convent to go to Milan and fulfill her mother’s wish.

  • Saturday 14. 09. 23:00

    Cinematik Bar

    Tono S. & M-Cee



    Anton Suchota—known under his stage name Tono S.—is a Slovak rapper and a member rap group GR Team. He is known for his typical witty style of rapping. He has already made three solo albums and in addition to that…