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Non-competitive section dedicated to Slovak cinema will present new film Pirko in premiere and animated feature Murderous Tales in Slovak premiere. Selection also includes other interesting Slovak films of the last year as well as student films from two academies - VSMU in Bratislava and AKU in Banska Bystrica.
utorok 11. 9.

Occupation 1968


Okupácia 1968, r. E. Moskvina, L. Dombrovszky, M. Szymkow, M. E. Scheidt, S. Komandarev, SK/CZ/PL/HU/BG, 2018; 130 min.; sk, cz, pl, hu, bg, de, ru / sk tit,

A documentary project about August 1968 is a collective subjective view on soldiers of the “allied” armies, on the occupation of Czechoslovakia in August 1968, and on the role the soldiers played in it. The main question is how a “small fry” behaves in the face of a “big story”. What role do their personal responsibility, personal point of view or morals play, and what happens when they have to choose between saving one’s life and obeying orders?

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streda 12. 9.

The Cellar


Pivnica, r. Igor Voloshin, SK, 2018; 100 min.; sk / en sub,

A long-lasting marriage of Milan and Táňa is thoroughly ruined; the only thing that is holding them together is their daughter Lenka. When a sixteen-year-old teenager doesn’t return home from a party, their life turns upside down. Both parents get overtaken by helplessness, fear and feelings of guilt. Neither friends, nor classmates, nor neighbours – nobody can help them. Milan no longer trusts police investigation that goes nowhere, and decides to seek the truth by himself. What is a desperate parent capable of doing when his kid disappears?

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štvrtok 13. 9.

Off Season


Po sezóne, r. Andrea Kalinová, SK, 2018; 35 min.; sk / en sub,

A documentary about one of the most remarkable buildings of the 20th century – the abandoned Machnáč Sanatorium in Trenčianske Teplice spa town. The constructivist building was once an ode to progress, the architect’s materialized vision of humanism. The architect demonstrated in it his own ideas on technical and social progress, and thus built a symbol of a modern society. Today it is just a modernistic ruin of utopia, a transoceanic cruiser that shipwrecked in a spa park. The owners are not interested in maintaining a building which is not paying. The film is dedicated to the phenomenon of this extraordinary building through people who haven’t give up their efforts to save the Machnáč.

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piatok 14. 9.



Domestik, r. Adam Sedlák, CZ/SK, 2018; 116 min.; cz,

Roman is a top level cyclist recovering from an injury through hard work and strict regimen. To improve his performance, he even sleeps in an oxygen tent installed in his bedroom. That is a bitter pill to swallow for his wife, Šarlota, whose long-time wish is to conceive a child. And so they both brim with determination, get lost in their obsessions, and improve their bodies to a point where they might even frighten themselves.

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Sobota 15. 9.

Student Films – AKU


Študentské filmy – AKU, r. rôzni/various, SK, 2018; 84 min.; sk / en sub,

This Is Where I Am Slovak

Tu som Slovákom; SK, 2018, 19 min.; sk / en sub
Director: Matúš Chovanec

The movie depicts life of Slovaks in Romania. It captures everyday situations of three respondents which are mainly filled with manual work.


(In)Visible Worlds

(Ne)viditeľné svety; SK, 2018, 21 min.; sk / en sub
Director: Zuzana Hudáčeková

By watching three women working as home-care nurses in different European countries, we are getting a picture of life abroad in contrast to life in Slovakia.


Hráč; SK, 2018, 25 min., sk / en sub
Director: Matúš Men

The documentary Gamer examines both professional and personal life of an electronic sports player, his everyday routine, and his mother’s perception of the situation before and after he stared to be successful.



eL; SK, 2018, 19 min.; sk / en sub
Réžia/Director: Sonia Gallo

The documentary eL tells a story of an (extra)ordinary woman who struggles to find the real essence of her existence and at the same time true love. Together with the protagonist, we enter the world of homosexual relationships and find out they are not that different from heterosexual ones.

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The Band


Kapela, r. Ladislav Kaboš, SK, 2018; 80 min.; sk, róm / sk tit,

A loose sequel of a successful documentary All My Children follows the journeys of its Roma heroes. Not long ago Stano Čonka, a gifted craftsman with organizational skills, helped to build simple brick houses in a Roma settlement. Now he is a manager of a young music band and does his best to help “his guys to seize the big stage” and show their talent.

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Nedeľa 16. 9.

Student Films – VŠMU


Študentské filmy – VŠMU, r. rôzni/various, SK, 2017; 71 min.; sk / en sub,

Magic Moments

Magic Moments; SK, 2017, 20 min., sk / en sub
Director: Martina Buchelová

Parents struggle to earn money, so sisters basically take care of each other alone. Thanks to the bond they have, they might have already won over life’s shit.


43 Years of Bratislava Metro

43 rokov bratislavského metra; SK, 2016, 18 min.; sk
Director: Lucia Kašová

About tunnels in Bratislava transportation systems.



SelFish; SK, 2017, 11 min.; no dialogues
Director: Lukáš Figeľ

Fisherman Augustine is proud of his fish collection. To complete the collection he must catch the last fish that is still missing. For catching the fish he will pay everything he has ever had.



Yours; SK, 2017, 6 min.; no dialogues
Director: Michal Fulier

The film tells a story about a young woman who cannot cope with the death of her husband. By using the virtual reality, she discovers a new way to meet him and live together again. However, the new virtual pleasure becomes both a dependency and a prison for her.


I Want to Believe

I Want to Believe; SK, 2017, 16 min.; sk / en sub
Director: Matúš Ryšan

A group of documentarists portray an enthusiast and his friend, who dedicated their lives to following and mapping Chemtrails and saving humanity. Film is a satire on the current socio-political attitude movements rising all around Europe as well as in the rest of the world.

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