HBO production at Cinematik

17 Aug 2014  

obr the normal heart

In recent years we have been witnessing the Golden Age of TV with many successful series that “feel like films”. That’s why Cinematik partners with HBO so the festivalgoers will have the opportunity to see some works by this pioneer TV network.


Profile of Helena Třeštíková curated by Peter Kerekes

7 Aug 2014  

Manželské etudy po dvaceti letech_Zuzana a Stanislav_02

Helena Třeštíková is prolific documentary director known especially for her time-lapse films. Following her protagonists for many years, the method allows her to capture the transformations of characters and society in striking depth.


Premieres of new films by Miro Remo and Jaro Vojtek

31 Jul 2014  

deti - comeback

Cinematik is delighted to announce that two highly anticipated Slovak films will premiere at the festival: Children by Jaro Vojtek and Comeback by Miro Remo.


Cult & Beyond: Cars

27 Jul 2014  

obr bullitt

“The chase is the purest form of cinema, something that can’t be done in any other medium, not in literature nor on a stage nor on a painter’s canvas. A chase must appear spontaneous and out of control, but it must be meticulously choreographed, if only for safety considerations.”



17 Jul 2014  

obr comeback

Cinematik.doc is a competition of Slovak full-length documentary films premiered between September 2013 and September 2014. The winning film will be awarded the Cinematik.doc Award and a 500€ Literary Fund grant.


PNky Cinema 2014

17 Jul 2014  


PNky Cinema brings films to open air cinema.


DoCma 2014

17 Jul 2014  


DoCma brings the most interesting documentary films from all around the world. This year the topic is documentary comedies.


Kinema Choice 2014

17 Jul 2014  


For the 9th edition of the Cinematik IFF editors Kinema film portal prepared extraordinarily striking collection of films which have already been premiered but have not been noticed by so many viewers as they deserve.


Eye on Films 2014

17 Jul 2014  


Eye on Films is an international platform of film distribution companies and film festivals initiated by the French company Wide Management. Its aim is to present first and second feature films


Respect 2014: Gustave de Kervern a Benoît Delépine

17 Jul 2014  

obr aaltra

This year’s retrospective is dedicated to auteurs and collaborators Gustave de Kervern a Benoît Delépine, known in Slovakia for their films Louise-Michel or Mammuth.


Meeting Point Europe 2014

17 Jul 2014  


Meeting Point Europe presents the best European films of a recent year as chosen by 17 film critics from different European countries. Audiences can look forward to interesting mixture of festival darlings and “little” films that didn’t get attention they had deserved.


Peter Strickland made a film for Björk

28 Mar 2014  


Our favourite director Peter Strickland made a concert film for Björk Biophilia Live that premieres mext month. He is also finishing his new film The Duke of Burgundy.


Alain Resnais has died

2 Mar 2014  


Last year Cinematik held retrospective of Alain Resnais films and together with Slovak Film Institute published book Alain Resnais: Kinematografia mozgu (Alain Resnais: Cinema of the Brain).


Berlinale: Awards for Velvet Terrorists and Alain Resnais

15 Feb 2014  


Velvet Terrorists by Pavol Pekarčík, Ivan Ostrochovský and Peter Kerekes were awarded The Tagesspiegel Readers’ Prize at Berlinale where they were presented at Forum section.


Some of the Slovak documentaries for free at DAFilms

23 Dec 2013  


Among the selected films there are some Slovak documentaries that you may know form Cinematik, too: New Life of Family Album, Miners’ Bread, Cooking History, Disease of the Third Power.


Best movie posters of the year

13 Dec 2013  


MUBI chose the best movie posters of year and films by few of our favorite directors are also mentioned: Ben Wheatley’s Sightseers, Peter Strickland’s Berberian Sound Studio, and Nicolas Winding Refn’s Only God Forgives.


The Act of Killing wins EFA

8 Dec 2013  


Joshua Oppenheimer’s The Act of Killing wins European Film Award as best European Documentary. The film was also named the best film of 2013 by Sight&Sound last week.


Success of Robert Kirchhoff’s Normalization

3 Nov 2013  


Cinematik.doc Award winner Normalization by Robert Kirchhoff had a successful week at two important documentary film festivals.